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Kyosho MP9 E - EVO - 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy

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Pre Order now - Due end of July 2018

Specialized electric buggy design delivers battle-tough performance!

 With an unrivaled record of 8 World Championship titles, Kyosho’s flagship Inferno model evolves from the MP9e TKI4 into the latest MP9e Evo. electric powered model that achieves even more dynamic performance through a new advanced chassis layout and new body design. The highly regarded flat control and aerial posture of the previous model has been maintained while a forward weight shift has realized improved balance for superior maneuverability. In addition, subtle changes to the battery mount realize a lower center of gravity that combines with the race-tested body design of the MP9e Evo. to deliver the superior cornering / traction / rough surface performance required of a racing buggy to perform successfully at the highest level. The MP9e Evo. is the key to racing glory.

 ●Long type front sus arms have been reinforced with extra ribbing to deliver both improved road surface tracing and cornering performance.

●Wing features twin fins for increased stability through jumps. Gurney flap can also be attached to increase rear grip.
●Increased mounting area for the wing stay provides secure mounting and minimizes damage and deformation.
●17.5 front hub carrier for improved stability on bumpy surfaces and tight cornered tracks.
●Wide range of optional parts for the Inferno MP9 can be used

Technical data
■ Length 490mm
■ Width 307mm
■ Height 180mm
■ Wheelbase 325mm

(adjust by changing rear hub collar)
■ Tread (F/R) 254mm
■ Tires (F/R) Sold separately
■ Gear ratio 10.14:1 (gear module: 1.0)
■ Weight 3,770g approx.

Kit Contents
■ Unassembled chassis kit
■ Clear body
■ Wheel
■ Decals
■ Silicon oil for diff (#3000、#5000)
■ ools (1.5mm、2.0mm、2.5mm、3.0mm)
■ L shaped hexagonal wrench
■ Cross wrench
■ 17mm wheel wrench

Required for Operation
■ 2-3ch transmitter and receiver
■ Servo (1)
■ Batteries for transmitter
■ Brushless motor
■ ESC for brushless motor
■ Batteries for chassis
■ Charger
■ Tires
■ Tire inners
■ Tools
■ Instant glue
■ Silicon oil for shocks
■ Paint for body coloring